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Venetian Plaster

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian Plaster is a wall and ceiling finishing technique that has been employed for thousands of years in Venice Italy to fight off the effects of sea water on its constructions. It is made from grounded Marble and Lime mixed with pigments and it involves four to eight layers that must be applied by hand by a Master Artisan in order to achieve the amazing effects that can be created with this technique.

Give you more than just a product we have created a finish ,a look a statement for decorative walls . Whatever it be a resident , restaurant , hotel , healthcare facility , shopping malls or casinos, we have gone that extra step and created for you array of finishes to select and choose for the right project that is what set our Artisans a part from our competition , we provide you with the finest Italian products, the creative insight and design service next to none , and competitive pricing.  Call today to the Venetian Plaster Artisans  for you next project.

We are Expert Venetian Plaster Artisans, and specialize in applying authentic Venetian Plaster in walls and ceilings, interior and exterior, employing the same technique that Italian artisans use. We have more than 20 years of experience World Wide in State of the Art Wall Finishes and Artistic Wall Decorations.